Samuel Weigel

Samuel Weigel M.A.

Research Assistant

in the research project Knowledge Architectures: Mapping structures of Jewish heritagization processes on communal, organizational and academic levels in post-1945 Europe

Research Areas:
Jewish Music, Music and Digitality, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Sustainability, Ethnomusicology

Contact: T. 3100-7129
E-Mail: Samuel Weigel M.A



  • Weigel, Samuel (2022): „Introduction to Part 3: Community, Religious Practice and Synagogue Music in Post-War Germany.” In: Katrin Keßler, Sarah Ross, Barbara Staudinger und Leah Weik (Hg.), Jewish Life and Culture in Germany after 1945. Sacred Spaces, Objects and Musical Traditions. Berlin: De Gruyter, 165-173.




Last modified: 2023-02-02

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