Dr. Jean Goldenbaum

Dr. Jean Goldenbaum

Research Assistant
Research interests:
Jewish classical music composers, Jewish Music in Latin America, German Jewish sacred music

Contakt: T. 3100-7124
E-Mail: Dr. Jean Goldenbaum

Artistic Director:

  • European Centre for Jewish Music Ensemble

Publications, Lectures, Workshops:

Current research project:

  • "Identidad and Zehut on the staff: The History of the Jewish Classical Music Composers in Latin America" (Habilitation)

Work as a composer (selection):

  • January 2011: Composer in residence, 1st Wasa Sinfonietta Music Festival, Vaasa/Finland
  • July 2011: Composer in residence, Neue Musik International, Salzburg/Austria
  • April 2012: New Sounds from Brazil - im Portrait: Jean Goldenbaum, Salzburg/Austria
  • January 2013: Composer in residence, 3rd Wasa Sinfonietta Music Festival, Vaasa/Finland
  • August 2016: 29. Schwäbischer Kunstsommer, Irsee/Germany
  • June 2018: Wins a Brazilian art award, to have his complete piano works recorded


  • Symphony of the Good (2010)
  • ‘Ode to Friendship’ Concerto & other works (2012)
  • ‘The Universe shall conspire to Love’ Concerto & other works (2013)
  • Live in Berlin (2017)



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