Christoph Hölzel

Christoph Hölzel

Academic librarian
Indexing of the Edith Gerson-Kiwi estate at the EZJM

Research interests:
Liminality, gift exchange, postmodernity, electronic dance music

E-Mail: Christoph Hölzel

  • 1998-2006: MA programme, Faculty of Behavioural and Cultural Studies, Heidelberg: MA in Ethnology; Institute of Anthropology and South Asia Institute, Department of Anthropology, Heidelberg: South Asian History and Political Science
    Master’s thesis: “Subjekt-Objektbeziehungen im kulturellen Wandel der Zeit”
  • 2007-2010: University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover: Information Management Studies, focussing on academic libraries
  • Since 2011 (with breaks): Center for World Music, Hildesheim: Project manager for indexing
  • 2012–2015 (with breaks): Niedersächsisches Studieninstitut Hannover and Niedersächsisches Studieninstitut Braunschweig: Retrospective conversions
  • Since 2019: PhD project “Freetekno: Auf den Ruinen tanzen oder Zweite Geworfenheit am Nullpunkt der Moderne” (to be completed in 2023)
  • Since 2019: Indexing of the Edith Gerson-Kiwi estate at the EZJM

Last modified: 2020-06-16

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