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Jewish Music Studies at HMTMH

The Jewish Music Studies master’s program is the only one of its kind in Europe. Here, students have the opportunity to engage with topics from synagogue chants of the nineteenth century to negotiations of Jewish identity in intercultural hip hop. The course is structured to deepen students’ knowledge and develop their skill sets to enable them to pursue a variety of career paths upon graduation, including further academic study. Some of the central research questions explored in the master’s program in Jewish Music Studies include:

  • How was and is Jewish music integrated in different cultures in the past and up to the present day?
  • How is Jewish music conveyed in images and concepts that are constantly being recreated?
  • How is Jewish music passed on, transformed and interpreted?

The core curriculum and its elective components provide the groundwork to foster a thorough knowledge of the practice and the results of historical and current Jewish music research. The program develops students’ skills in working independently on musicological and ethnomusicological topics in Jewish music studies. The course program consists of wide-ranging approaches that explore the interface between academic study and practical engagement. Thus, students are actively involved in the conception and organization of conferences and in projects involving cultural outreach. Interdisciplinary performance-based initiatives also form an important part of the program. The latter include innovative performance as research (PaR) projects and ‘learning through doing’ initiatives, such as the Jewish Music Studies Ensemble in which students gained nuanced perspectives of Jewish musical practices through reflective music-making and performance.

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Advice on the course

Prof. Dr. Sarah M. Ross
Director of the EZJM
T. +49-(0)511-3100-7120
E-Mail: Prof. Dr. Sarah M. Ross

Consultation hours by arrangement

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Studying in Germany - A Practical Guide

For students enrolled in or planning to apply for the Master’s Program in Music Research and Music Education: Jewish Music Studies

Studying in Germany - A Practical Guide

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