Women’s Rosh Chodesh Services

On the Liturgical Periphery: Music, Gender, Power, and Intercultural Negotiations in Women’s Rosh Chodesh Services

My academic research project explores the interplay between musical dynamics, gender and power in Jewish worship services. I am particularly focusing on Rosh Chodesh (New Month) services and ‘Partnership’ groups in modern orthodox settings. Communities of religious Jewish women’s musical practice are loci of major exchange, significantly influencing the musical and religious experience of individuals. My project requires fieldwork in Germany and abroad to determine musical-religious behavioural patterns and how newly-constructed exegesis plays out in lived experience.

My research works to build a new field of critical interdisciplinary scholarship that combines traditional approaches in ethnomusicology with Jewish Studies, cultural studies, and other disciplines, a field characterized by the complexity of contact, practice, and history.




Person to contact

Dr. Miranda L. Crowdus
Research Assistant
T. +49-(0)511-3100-7123
E-mail: Miranda L. Crowdus

Last modified: 2018-09-20

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