Ephemera Collection

Ephemera Collection of Jewish Music Performances in Germany

Ephemera are materials that are meant to be used once and then discarded, e. g. concert programmes, flyers, posters. But they are a useful means to research the contemporary music scene. Please help us by sending us your concert material related to Jewish music!


Statistically, in no other country is the concentration of Klezmer bands as high as in Germany. There are also choirs, chamber orchestras and many other ensembles and soloists that perform Jewish music concerts. The European Centre for Jewish Music (EZJM) aims to depict the "landscape" of persons and ensembles that perform Jewish music by collecting documents of their concerts.

The documentation of contemporary concert life is intended to provide researchers with a basis for investigating diverse questions about the development of ensembles, repertoires and the performance of Jewish music.

Please help us:

  • Are you part of an ensemble performing Jewish music? We would appreciate it if you would send us material of your concerts - once or continuously. We will care for its long-term safeguarding and make it accessible to researchers.
  • Do you know ensembles, concert organizers or venues dedicated to Jewish music? Please let us know and we will contact them.

We collect all kind of materials of Jewish music concerts (e. g. concert programmes, posters, advertising matter, reviews, recordings). The genre is unimportant: we collect items relating to music of the synagogue, Israeli folk songs, Sephardic music, Klezmer etc. We are interested in:

  • Documents of persons or groups dedicating themselves exclusively to Jewish music
  • Documents of individual concerts of Jewish music, even in the event that the artists usually play other music. In that case, more than the half of the concert programme should be assigned to Jewish music.

The material, complemented by a questionnaire containing information about the ensembles, will be stored in the archive of the EZJM and made available for research.

Please contact us before sending material.

Thank you for helping us!



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