Welcome to the European Centre for Jewish Music
  • Jewish Music Studies

    Each winter semester the focus subject entitled “Jewish Music Studies” as part of the Master’s programme “Music Research and Music Education” starts at the HMTMH.

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  • Publications

    The EZJM is involved in a variety of publications: CDs and books, e.g. as part of the "Jewish Music Studies" and the "Netzwerk Jüdisches Kulturerbe series.

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  • The EZJM at conferences

    When and where do EZJM staff take part in conferences and congresses? Click here for an overview.

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  • Changing Jewish Communities

    The international conference "Changing Jewish Communities in Germany" will take place from 15 - 18 March 2020 in Braunschweig.

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T. +49-(0)511-3100-7121

General information

The European Centre for Jewish Music (EZJM) is located at the Villa Seligmann (Hohenzollernstraße 39, 30161 Hannover), a 10-minute walk from the main building of HMTMH at Emmichplatz.

Opening times of the specialist reference library at the EZJM during the semester (1 October 2019 – 14 February 2020): Tuesday - Thursday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. or upon prior registration.

For further information on Jewish music please check our list of links.

The flyer on our institute contains information on the documentation, research and course offerings at the EZJM:
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