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Course offerings

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Jewish Music Studies at HMTMH

Since the 2016/17 winter semester the focus subject entitled “Jewish Music Studies” as part of the Master’s programme “Music Research and Music Education” has been available.

  • How was and is Jewish music integrated in different cultures in the past and up to the present day?
  • How is Jewish music conveyed in images and concepts that are constantly being recreated?
  • How is Jewish music passed on, transformed and interpreted?

The focus subject aims to convey a thorough knowledge of the practice and the results of historical and current research into Jewish music. At the same time, it will enhance the students’ skills in working independently on musicological and ethnomusicological topics regarding Jewish music. The ability to create concepts, organise, implement and put across artistic-academic projects on Jewish music and other aspects will be further goals.

For more information on the HMTMH’s Master’s programme “Music Research and Music Education” click here.


Advice on the course

Prof. Dr. Sarah M. Ross
Director of the EZJM
T. +49-(0)511-3100-7120
E-Mail: Prof. Dr. Sarah M. Ross

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