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Course offerings

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New course option at HMTMH

Since the 2016/17 winter semester the focus subject entitled “Jewish Music Studies” as part of the Master’s programme “Music Research and Music Education” has been available.

  • How was and is Jewish music integrated in different cultures in the past and up to the present day?
  • How is Jewish music conveyed in images and concepts that are constantly being recreated?
  • How is Jewish music passed on, transformed and interpreted?

The focus subject aims to convey a thorough knowledge of the practice and the results of historical and current research into Jewish music. At the same time, it will enhance the students’ skills in working independently on musicological and ethnomusicological topics regarding Jewish music. The ability to create concepts, organise, implement and put across artistic-academic projects on Jewish music and other aspects will be further goals.

For more information on the HMTMH’s Master’s programme “Music Research and Music Education” click here.

International Workshop 2019

International Workshop:
Jewish Music – Practice as Research
5 – 13 April 2019, Center for World Music, Hildesheim/Germany

This is the site for the workshop Jewish Music - Practice as Research provided by the European Centre for Jewish Music (EZJM) at the Hanover University of Music, Theatre and Media. The course offers students the opportunity to research, engage with, and explore Jewish music in many of its diverse forms and manifestations. Local students and international students will have the opportunity for musical, cultural, and creative exchanges. This course aims to create a non-judgmental arena, a musical ‘laboratory’, in which students can develop their academic and performance skills and creativity. The course has a two-pronged approach combining theoretical and ethnographic content with practice-based learning. Practice-based simply means doing it, whether in performance, improvisation, composition, production music in a studio, computer music, sound art, or any combination of these creative practices. ‘Practice-based’ is the umbrella term for all of these activities, all of which are concerned with creating music as distinct from writing about music. This approach is particularly relevant in the context of Jewish music, much of which was taught orally in traditional contexts as well as being built from external Jewish and non-Jewish sources and influences. Moreover, its musical performance in Europe has often been disassociated from critical knowledge of its original performance contexts and interaction with living communities. This course seeks both offer the foundation for critical social and historical awareness of these practices steeped in a specific culture and history, while suggesting creative, musical ways forward for engaging with, and applying, this knowledge in new relevant contexts.

Prof. Dr. Sarah M. Ross, Dr. Miranda Crowdus, Dr. Jean Goldenbaum,
Saúl Zaks, George Mihalache and Diego Anibal Montes

Arrival and check-in: 5 April 3 p.m.
Farewells and check-out: 13 April

Information and registration:
Dr. Miranda Crowdus

Concerts during the workshop (admission free)


Advice on the course

Prof. Dr. Sarah M. Ross
Director of the EZJM
T. +49-(0)511-3100-7120
E-Mail: Prof. Dr. Sarah M. Ross

Consultation hours by arrangement

International Workshop 2019


The International Workshop 2019 ist supported by
– Landesverband der Jüdischen Gemeinden in Niedersachsen

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